Our environmental approach

At Sunêlia La Pointe du Médoc, we adopt a sustainable development approach 

I. Environmental:

  • Put up posters in mobile homes on the right things to do.
  • Bike rental.
  • Use of limited thermal tools.

1) Water management

  • Drip type vegetation watering.
  • Weekly readings of water consumption.
  • Increased monitoring of water leaks.
  • The toilets are equipped with PRESTO type water savers.
  • Waste management

2) Waste management

  • Selective sorting.
  • Mini farm with pigs and chickens.
  • Recycling of used oils from the restaurant with the BORDOLEO company with recovery in Saint Loubés for transformation into bio fuel. Hazardous waste such as batteries or light bulbs are stored separately.
  • Resonated prints and reuse of drafts.
  • Use of internal communication networks limiting impressions.

3) Maintenance and preservation of biodiversity

  • Use of phytosanitary product reduced to a minimum.
  • The facades of the buildings as well as the perimeter of the campsite are embellished with vegetation for better integration into the landscape.

4) Eco-responsible purchasing

  • Setting up of wooden picnic tables from sustainably managed forests.
  • Purchase of eco-labeled cleaning products.
  • Choice of organic Ecocerte and Cosmebio hospitality products with more than 99% natural ingredients.
  • Use and promotion of the organic TooFruit range at the spa. Purchase of large quantities of products (reduction of packaging).
  • Purchase of local products for a point of sale in the grocery store, promoting short circuits.

5) Energy management

  • Encouragement to stop heating and light in mobile homes and outbuildings.
  • The new rental refrigerators are classified in economy category A or A +.
  • Change of light bulbs by low consumption bulbs.
  • Weekly statements of electricity consumption.

    6) Air quality
  • Open sanitary facilities promote better ventilation.
  • No air conditioners in mobile homes; limited air conditioning in reception and bar / restaurant.


II. Social:

  • Provision of accommodation for staff.
  • We listen to the needs of customers with disabilities.
  • Some pitches and mobile homes are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Priority to local applications.
  • Partnership with Les Restos du Coeur for unsold products from the grocery store.


III. Economic

  • Priority choice of local artisans.
  • Many local partners for tourist activities.
  • Networking and mutual aid with other local tourism players (exchange of services).
  • Highlight local heritage tours.