Campez Couvert Insurance 

At Camping La Pointe du Medoc, we want everyone to be able to book their holidays in complete safety!

For this, we have set up a partnership with the insurance company Campez Couvert, an insurance company specialised in the outdoor hotel business.

A reliable and easy to use insurance allowing you to be reimbursed of the amount of your stay in case of unexpected events before and during your stay.

Campez Couvert allows you to benefit from the most complete holiday insurance on the market, you are covered for :

  • Medical reasons: serious illness including COVID, serious accident or death, contra-indication and following vaccination, complications due to pregnancy.
  • Personal reasons: convocation for the adoption of a child, a remedial examination or an organ transplant, etc.
  • Serious damage to your vehicle: within 48 hours before the first day of your stay.
  • Professional reasons: cancellation or modification of paid holiday dates, redundancy or termination of contract, professional transfer, finding a job, etc.
  • Absence of vaccination: cancellation in the event of absence of vaccination against COVID-19: In the event that at the time of subscription the country of destination did not impose a vaccination, a contraindication of vaccination and a postponement of the dates of the vaccination appointment against COVID-19 imposed by the health authorities...
  • Other guarantees: serious damage to professional or private premises, theft of identity card, driving licence or passport, refusal to board if a temperature is taken...