All about the Médoc

I did not know this region, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of its landscapes.

Damien, Glatigny

Discover the Médoc

Come and stay in our Camping du Médoc, it is also the opportunity to discover a unique culture on the French territory ... wine route, discovery of the prestigious castles of Gironde, taste the pleasures of local gastronomy, discover landscapes and breathtaking maritime, many museums and sites full of history are waiting for your visit to transmit a part of culture.


The Médoc is much more than we imagine ....

This is its prestigious vineyard: the wine route that seals the most famous castles: Giscours, Margaux, Pauillac, Lafite, Rotschild sheep ...

It is also a striking diversity of landscapes with the largest estuary in Europe and its small ports, the green of the pine forest and the 100 km of uninterrupted ocean beach.

A walk through the marshes, their horse farms and aquaculture.

The Médoc is still the gastronomy of the open sea: bars, shrimps, pibales, lampreys ...

Without forgetting to walk among the houses Soulacaises, which, if you approach a little will tell you their stories ...

The Verdon sur Mer

The Verdon-sur-Mer, located at the extreme Pointe du Médoc, 100 km from Bordeaux, is a village with a marked maritime vocation! It has three supervised beaches, three lighthouses (the Lighthouse Saint Nicolas, the lighthouse of Grave, and the oldest and famous lighthouse of France: the lighthouse of Cordouan on its rock island) as well as four ports: the Port Bloc, the port of trade, the Old Port aux oysters and the new marina with 800 rings Port Médoc.

The discovery of the Verdon begins most often with that of Pointe de Grave which offers a view of the mouth of the largest estuary in Europe. Inescapable and unique place, the ocean and waters of the Gironde meet there and mingle in an immense space facing the Charente coast.

The attentive visitor quickly discovers that the Verdon is also home to other treasures: vast beaches on the Atlantic coast and on the Gironde estuary, forests and marshes, bike paths and hiking trails are also places of rest, loitering , or intrepid adventures.

"My land comes from the sea" (Verdonnaise motto).

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